Herkimer Diamonds | A+ Grade

*Price is per one piece.  Intuitively picked for you by Rakkaani Crystals.  The images represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive.  Please note that every crystal is unique so colours, shapes and sizes may vary.

Herkimer Diamond
Cleanse | Heal | Spiritual

Herkimer Diamond is a high vibration and powerful crystal known as the "attunement stone."  Eliminates stress and tension from the body.  Unites the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and multidimensional states with consciousness to create wholeness of being. Stimulating psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, spiritual vision, and telepathy. Opens one to guidance from higher dimensions and promotes dream recall and understanding.  Herkimer Diamond may also be used to access past-life information to recognize blockages or resistance to spiritual growth. Because of its double terminated formation, Herkimer Diamond is a useful tool to break old behavior patterns, as well as, retrieve and reintegrate parts of the soul that may have fragmented in other lives.  Facilitates a gentle release and transformation, bringing forward your soul's purpose. The high frequency Herkimer Diamond attunes one to a much higher reality and accelerates spiritual growth.  Attunes people linking them together. When separated, each person should keep a Herkimer Diamond creating a continued attunement and affiliation between the shared energies.  Due to its quartz properties, Herkimer Diamond has a crystal memory into which can be poured information for later retrieval and can be programmed for other people to draw on.  Makes an excellent environmental spray or gem elixir.  Herkimer Diamonds are named after the location where they were first discovered in Herkimer County, New York, USA.  Herkimer Diamonds are not actually diamonds, but are double-terminated quartz crystals.

  • $18.00
  • $18.00